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Privacy Policy

The following document briefly summaries what information gathers about you when you visit this website and what this site downloads onto your computer.   

Just Browsing: 

Guests who are just browsing this site have there search terms and product views recorded for statistical purposes only. No IP log is kept of the visit, just the time spent browsing and what the guest viewed. No personal or traceable information is logged for guest browsing.

Signed Up Users:

All personal information entered when signing up to is kept in a secure database that is only used and accessed by this site. None of the personal information stored by this site is shared with 3rd parties. The IP address of the computer used by the user when signing up is also recorded along with the information entered by the user. A cookie is also stored on the users computer to allow this site to automatically recognise a user when repeating a visit to

Users making a purchase: 

When a user makes a purchase, the contents of the purchase is stored in a secure database matched to the users personal details so the ordered items can be dispatched to the user. No financial information is recorded or stored by this website. All financial details of a transaction are handled by PayPal on behalf of and the entire financial part of the transaction takes place on PayPal servers.

Any further enquires about this sites privacy policy please contact us 



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